• Exhibition Name: International Exhibition DairyTech | Dairy & Meat Industry
  • Exhibition Date: 25 - 27 January 2023
  • City - Country: Moscow - Russia
  • Venue: Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1
  • Organizer: ITE
  • Edition: 21
  • Web Site: www.dairytech-expo.ru

About Exhibition

DairyTech 2022 took place at the Crocus Expo from January 25 - 27, 2022. The leading companies in the Turkish dairy production and equipment sector; Gemak, Polat Makine, Uzermak, Cehuma - Brightwork, Haus and Kromel; and signed new collaborations and cought the unique export opportunity. 

Since 2002, International DairyTech-; Russia’s leading trade fair in milk production, equipment and technologies sector, gathers sector leaders from all over the world under the same roof. This year, DairyTech brought 210 exhibitors from 38 countries with 5.442 visitors.

Dairy Industry of Russia

Russian milk producers grow output 3.5% in 2017

Between private farms and major agro holdings, raw milk production reached a total of 15.86 million tons in Russia in 2018. As the headline proudly states, that’s a 3.5% rise in output volumes compared with 2016.

This continues a decade long-trend in rising milk output — although the decade itself has been a bit bumpy. In 2011, for instance, output volumes came to 14.3 million tons, before contracting to 14m the year after.

Collectively, including private plots, total milk exceeded 31 million tons in 2017.

As such, Russia is now 82% self-sufficient in milk. It relies on imports to fill the remaining 18% of domestic demand, but imports of milk have dropped 20% since the implementation of Russia’s ban on EU/US dairy goods in 2014.

Trends in dairy market:
1.) Stagnation + low profitability: for a long time, Russia's dairy production has stagnated. Until 2014, imports amounted to 35%. Low industry profitability and long payback periods did not stimulate the emergence of regular investors and the increase in production volumes.

2.) Product embargo: significantly reduced competition with manufacturers of products from the leading EU countries: France, Italy, etc. In 2014, the increase in the production of marketable milk was 2-3%, and in the following years - 5-6% annually.

For 4 years, the production of raw materials increased by 2 million tons, which amounted to 10% of commodity production. Dried milk and cottage cheese were the main positions in the production growth. Production of cottage cheese increased by 7.6%, milk powder showed an increase of 3.5%.

3.) The conjuncture of the world market, the weak ruble and sanctions ensured the profitability of the industry, but now these factors are exhausting themselves.

Solutions for the development of the industry: modernization, investment in modern technologies and genetics ensure competitiveness in the domestic market.

At present, in the dairy sector, 40-50% of manufacturers, 60-70% of processors are modernized and meet modern standards. Another priority is opening new markets.

• more than 20 thousand manufacturers of raw milk;
• more than 900 processors - manufacturers of dairy products;
• more than 200 service companies.

Market uniqueness: In Russia, there is many local producers. The level of consolidation in the dairy sector is low. This gives a good opportunity for further development.

The sector has good development potential, both in terms of production and processing. Experts note the growing interest of Chinese business in the creation of joint processing plants in the Far East for further export to the countries of Southeast Asia.

From the point of view of the domestic market, over eighty years the volume of milk consumption in Russia can grow by 25-30%. Today, the export of dairy products is about $ 300-310 million, while the main sales markets are still the CIS countries, where the potential for increasing exports has almost exhausted itself.

By 2024, exports of Russian dairy products may well grow 2-2.5 times to $ 650-800 million.

Individual Exhibition Incentives:
2018 INCENTIVE: 1.087 TL
2019 INCENTIVE: 1.782 TL
2020 INCENTIVE: 1.884 TL

  • Exhibition Name:
    International Exhibition DairyTech | Dairy & Meat Industry
  • Exhibition Date:
    25 - 27 January 2023
  • City - Country:
    Moscow - Russia
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