PROMOSYONSHOW ISTANBUL 2022' meeting was held in Denizli

Promotional Products Manufacturers and Sellers Association, PROMOTÜRK, came together with its members this time in Denizli, the center of textile, within the scope of Turkey Meetings.

Within the scope of the meeting hosted by Denizli Textile and Clothing Industrialists' Association, PROMOTÜRK President Mehmet Yücetürk shared the planned activities, especially the PROMOTION SHOW, which will be held in Istanbul on September 28 - October 1, 2022. Mehmet Yücetürk, President of PROMOTÜRK Association, stated that they have established a strong bond with the members of the association in Turkey; “We are reinforcing our cooperation with NGO and private sector representatives as well as public institutions and organizations. Under the umbrella of our association, which has been operating for 28 years, we carry out many export-enhancing activities. We attach great importance to fair organizations in the sector. Promotion has become a part of our life now. It is very important to reach the promotion with the right channel and the right commodities. Our PROMOTIONAL SHOW fair, which we will hold between September 28 - October 01, 2022, will make a great contribution to our industry and our country's economy. Today, America's annual promotional sector volume is 25 billion dollars, Europe's 20 billion Euros and Turkey's export target is 500 million dollars. Today, to bring the textile exporters in Denizli to our sector and our fair. We want to bring together all kinds of technological innovations, products and opportunities in the promotion and souvenir sector with our domestic consumers as well as international buyers. At the point of product supply, our country; It has a great advantage in terms of location, quality and speed. Our aim is to make the best contribution to our country's economy," he said.


After his speech, Mehmet Yücetürk, President of PROMOTÜRK Association, answered questions from the participants about both the future of the industry and the content of the fair. Being here is a time when we are very happy for both myself and my team. He thanked the industry and the Promotionshow Istanbul Fair for the interest and hospitality shown.